I am an attorney by trade.  Back in 2002, I began my foray into internet marketing with very humble beginnings. It started out as a part time hobby to establish an online presence for a non-profit sports organization I started.  Since then, I have been experimenting with building websites and learning about how search engines work to get traffic to the sites.

As time went on, I became less interested in the grind of practicing law and more intrigued with online marketing.  I was using search engine optimization to drive traffic to my sites and began monetizing them with various forms of advertising. I also branched out to various markets and constantly honed my skills in web design and search engine marketing.

As consumers began to increasingly trend toward online search for various product and service needs, I began focusing on local search marketing.  During this process, I noticed that several brick and mortar businesses with an online presence had sites that fell into one of two categories.  The first category consisted of a single page site that primarily served as an online business card.  There was no marketing involved.  The second category consisted of pretty sites that failed to include the key elements to generate new business.  In both instances, there were very few sites that were implementing search engine optimization strategies to ensure they would get targeted traffic.

It soon became clear to me that few small businesses understand user behavior to guide their design process and ensure their site becomes functional and effective as a lead generation tool.  With the Internet evolving from a global and country specific marketing platform to an effective localized platform, I realized that I could capitalize on the wide range of skills I had been developing to help small businesses target their local customers online.  And while I still practice a bit of law, I decided to marry my two disciplines, which resulted in the birth of “The Marketing JD.”

My goal is to assist entrepreneurs, independent professionals and small business owners to successfully target their local market, interact with their current and prospective customers and make more sales.  So I welcome you, your business and your local customers to become part of my ongoing journey.

Contact me today and tell me the story of your business and I’ll show you how to grow and expand.