Online Marketing – Your Call To Action

Today’s consumers are no longer passive receivers of advertising messages.  Rather, they are increasingly sophisticated and skeptical.  They actively seek out information, opinions, products and services that interest them.  The Internet is their vehicle for doing so. The web is trillions of the pages on a couple of hundred million websites, viewed by 1.2 5 .. read more

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Engaging Your Customers With E-Mail Marketing

To succeed in marketing your products or services online, you must engage your customers.  Otherwise, a potential customer will show up at your website, click around for a few minutes and then disappear.  And you will probably never hear from them again. If you engage your customers on their first visit, you have an opportunity .. read more

Email Marketing – How To Turn Back The Hands Of Time

Before the era of mass merchandising and mass marketing, business owners had the opportunity to get to know customers personally.  They were able to greet every customer by name, communicate with each one as an individual, reward the best customers and provide great service to everyone.  Such service and attention breed customer loyalty. Technological innovation .. read more

Email Marketing – Simply Powerful Yet Complex

The key to successful Internet direct marketing and to establishing valuable customer relationships is to establish individual service-based communication with each and every prospect and customer. The best tool for establishing this type of communication is e-mail. There is no longer any need to guess how people are making purchasing decisions. More and more customers .. read more

4 Great Motivators That Get Customers To Buy

If your business is to be successful, you must give people what they want.  While many things can motivate people to buy, the most powerful motivators usually fall into one of the four categories below: 1.  Fear Everyone is afraid of something.  People fear getting old, taking risks, not being successful and not achieving their .. read more

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The Irresistible Offer

Your customers are attracted to great offers — offers so fantastic they seem difficult to believe.  Offers that seem so generous, they’d be clinically insane not to accept them.  In the words of Don Corleone, “an offer they can’t refuse.” What makes for an irresistible offer?  In today’s environment, you must present an offer that .. read more

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SEO Basics To Create Free Local Traffic

One of the best ways to create free local traffic is to get your website ranked in the top three search results for keyword phrases used by your prospects. On average, the number one result for a given search gets about 40% of the total traffic for that keyword! The second result gets about half .. read more

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