The Information Product Creation Blueprint

Product creation and marketing is puzzling to a lot people. But when you find that there are only 12 types of products and programs you are able to create, it’s not so out of reach and you can finally handle them to begin making money and spreading your information.

Brendon Burchard just launched a video about this, and it’s amazing:

This individual really breaks it down, and explains the format, process and MATH to generate $100, 000 a  in 12 months with each product.

You are going to learn:

  • The ‘Create Anything’ outline and script for developing your products.
  • 12 simple-to-create products and programs that earn recurring revenue.
  • The MATH for the way to make $100, 000 in 12 months with each one of these products.
  • How you are able to win $1, 200 when posting a video your story and advice.

This all sounds high-strung. Nevertheless, the video nails it. It’s actually not hype, it’s a 50-minute education video!

Brendon is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, and he made over $4. 6 million in his first couple of years following these strategies. (He did this before he was well-known, back when he was broke and starting. The path to riches is clearly product design).

At some stage, every “guru” or professional decides to monetize their knowledge via products as well as programs. The challenge is always that our community often focuses a great deal of on generic marketing tactics and few people really know just how to create AND market highly lucrative products.

Brendon demonstrates how in this video, so take a look before he pulls it down.

Enjoy the video tutorial. And take notes. Believe me, it’s worth the opt-in.

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