4 Great Motivators That Get Customers To Buy

If your business is to be successful, you must give people what they want.  While many things can motivate people to buy, the most powerful motivators usually fall into one of the four categories below:

1.  Fear

fear-greed-exclusivityEveryone is afraid of something.  People fear getting old, taking risks, not being successful and not achieving their dreams, to name a few.  This fear is the greatest motivator you can use to get people to act.

To incorporate fear into your sales tactics, you need to tell the prospect about pain and loss.  Prospects will continue in pain unless they accept your offer.  Or, tell them what they may lose by delaying to act.

It’s important to be sincere, specific and believable to make fear work in selling situations.  For example, don’t just say, “Prices will go up soon.”  Instead say, “On January 1, prices will go up to $39.95.”

2.  Guilt

Guilt is a feeling of responsibility for wrongdoing.  Pull the guilt trigger to make your prospects feel bad about failing to take action.  This is particularly useful in fundraising programs.  It can also be used to sell products.  “Don’t hate yourself in missing this limited opportunity,” is a phrase that has sold millions of dollars of product.

3.  Greed

Who doesn’t want more?  To some degree, everyone wants that great bargain.  You can use your customer’s greed to your advantage through sales, discounts and bonus coupons.  And, the word FREE works wonders among high income and low income earners alike.

4.  Exclusivity

This is a powerful motivator because no one wants to feel left out.  We all want to show off things that others can no longer find.  Exclusivity can be created just by setting deadlines or triggered by using the word “imitation.”  In essence, you tell the prospect: “Remember, if you act now, you’ll be joining the elite!”  In a sense, you flatter the buyer… you kiss up to them by making them feel important.

If your business needs a boost, now may be the time to test new appeals and motivations.  Just remember, people are emotional.  Appeal to human nature!

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