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Online Marketing – Your Call To Action

Today’s consumers are no longer passive receivers of advertising messages.  Rather, they are increasingly sophisticated and skeptical.  They actively seek out information, opinions, products and services that interest them.  The Internet is their vehicle for doing so. The web is trillions of the pages on a couple of hundred million websites, viewed by 1.2 5 .. read more

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3 Tips For Local Online Marketing

Reaching a local audience has become a vital marketing strategy.  Consumers are increasingly searching online for local business information.  This locally focused traffic typically results in higher conversions and sales. Local search, and the tools associated with local online marketing, is an effective way to get qualified traffic to your site.  Here are three tips .. read more

Understanding How Consumers Search Online

Over the past five years, it has gotten increasingly complicated to reach and get the attention of consumers. Consumers are more distracted, less engaged and more in control of their media than ever before. That’s why it’s more important than ever for local businesses to have a balanced marketing plan in a variety of media. .. read more