Email Marketing – How To Turn Back The Hands Of Time

Before the era of mass merchandising and mass marketing, business owners had the opportunity to get to know customers personally.  They were able to greet every customer by name, communicate with each one as an individual, reward the best customers and provide great service to everyone.  Such service and attention breed customer loyalty.

email-marketing-guyTechnological innovation and a change in retail, however, no longer makes it possible to provide the same “personal touch” that was the foundation of American business.  The days of having a personal relationship with the neighborhood grocer is a thing of the past.  But, thanks to e-mail, you can recapture the ability to communicate and maintain ongoing dialogues with customers the way businesses did many years ago.

E-mail allows you to get to know each of your prospects and customers individually and give them all personalized attention and service in a timely manner.  You’ll be able to offer them a nearly limitless selection of products and services and still set aside the best deals for your VIP customers.

When you engage your customers through e-mail marketing, they listen and interact with you.  They care about what your company can offer them.  They spend more time with you and give you a greater share of their attention.  This translates into a greater share of their wallet and increased long-term value.

With all the noise and marketing distractions in the marketplace, customers are looking for a “service relationship” versus a “marketing relationship.”  They want the neighborhood store treatment at their beckoning call.  And if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity e-mail marketing provides, you miss out on the ability to develop loyal and lasting relationships with customers who are more than willing to tell a friend.

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