What Can You Learn From Dating Advice?

Well besides the obvious, what about how to kick your business into high growth mode and generate a multi-million dollar income?

If this tickles your curiosity bug, then you’re in luck. Eben Pagan, a marketing expert who got his start selling online dating advice to men, has just released a new free report that shares four powerful steps to build your brand and market your products and services. In the report, he reveals psychological marketing strategies he’s used to sale over $100,000,000 in trainings and programs to over one million people online in 10 different vertical markets.

Eben explains that the key to becoming a bonafide entrepreneur is to build a profitable business. This starts with how you market to potential customers. You know how well you are marketing based on the response you get. If you fail to get people to take the action of buying your product or service based on the impact of your marketing communications, then you’ll likely fail at the business you’re trying to build. In other words, without effective communication, your marketing is a bust, zero, big fat donut…you get the idea!

However, if your marketing communications work, your customers will associate your brand with the solution that they wanted. The key here is to find the “emotional hot button” of your prospective customer, then aligning all of your marketing, product design and branding strategy around that one element. In doing so, it’s important to make your product and message something that people can relate to emotionally.

In addition to these nuggets, the report comes with a couple of PDF exercise downloads, and a video from Eben walking you through the steps to identifying your own brand “hot buttons” and using the strategies to build your brand and your sales.

Access to these materials are free, so click here to download now and learn how to profitably brand and market your products and services.

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